Saturday, March 20, 2010

and I am off...

Bought my ticket to Bali and booked a villa for ten days in June. Scraping away the dead skin, dusting off my feet. Wanted: syrupy-sweet adventure.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Six Words

I’ve caught glimpses of the “Six Word Memoir Bug” on Huff Post and other blogs. It is an invitation to tell your life story in six simple words. Since coming across the challenge, I’ve carried around six word sentences in the back of my mind. And then I came across a writer who wrote her life as a short story using 6 word sentences. It was simple—yet so profound. So skeleton thin, yet meaty and complete. In a stream of consciousness I crafted this...

Stumbled out of college, into life

Standing at the edge of uncertainty

Man with warm hands touches me

His love disarticulates—moves me completely

Climbing out of me, into him

I rest violently in the space

I cannot see where I begin

Loving with coils of trepidation

I have a secret hiding here

I cannot control what I am

Months and years pass by slowly

Lady in the sea surfaces again

Lift her body from the ocean

Step back, I realize she is me

I am unhinged—open and exposed

He bleeds, pricks me in bed

I pay penance with my tears

I leave in the dark of night

No arms, no guide for protection

I return to the journey alone

Cloudy, with some rain, intermittent sun

Falling in and out of experiences

Caressing the fleshy side of life

See her? She is my nature

She fits nicely, rest beside me

Fear. I look head on smiling

There is nothing you can take

I will leave earth fully human

In darkness, move forward—touch light